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Metrohm instruments and applications can be found in almost every industry. Visit our microsites for the following industries:

Water Analysiswater analysis
 Pharma AnalysisQuality-Control-Pharmaceuticals[1]  

Food Analysisfood_analysis

Petrochemical Analysis petro.metrohm.com    Surface FinishingSurface_finishing    RoHS AnalysisRoHS_Analysis  

More industries:

TA-045Real-time monitoring of cell density and growth potential in bioreactors using near-infrared spectroscopy
AN-V-178Copper in seawater with the Mercury Film Electrode (MFE)
AN-V-129Iron (total) in phosphoric acid
AN-V-117Iron in ethanol
AN-V-116Zinc and lead in ethanol
AN-V-096 Platinum in urine after UV digestion
AN-V-095Quinine in bitter lemon
AN-V-093 Zinc, cadmium, lead, and copper in red wine after UV digestion
AN-V-092 Nickel in white wine after UV digestion
AN-V-061Speciation of Fe(II) and Fe(III) in a standard solution
AN-V-0591-Methyl-nicotinamide hydrochloride in a standard solution
AN-V-051Cadmium and lead in a herbicide
AN-V-044Boron in human plasma using Beryllon III as a ligand
AN-V-038Aluminum in albumin lyophilizate after digestion
AN-V-004Zinc, cadmium, lead, copper, and chromium in triglyceride
AN-U-061 Speciation of iron(II) and iron(III) applying post-column reaction and subsequent UV/VIS detection  
AN-U-055Amino acids in cell culture growth medium applying UV/VIS detection after post-column reaction with ninhydrin at 120 °C
AN-U-054Amino acids applying UV/VIS detection after post-column reaction with ninhydrin at 120 °C
AN-U-037System suitability test for penicillin G potassium in accordance with USP
AN-U-036Assay determination of ranitidine HCl according to USP
AN-U-035Chromatographic purity determination of thiamine hydrochloride according to USP
AN-U-034Chromatographic purity determination of ibuprofen according to USP
AN-U-033Assay of theophylline tablets according to the USP method
AN-U-030System suitability test for amoxicillin in accordance with USP
AN-U-010Nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate in seawater from a shrimp farm
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